Sustainable Agriculture – Seeding to Feeding


Foods we eat to stay alive, Medications we need to get well, and Shelters we use to protect ourselves and our love ones. Agriculture provides life necessities and things we use daily to make our life comfortable. World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture understands and appreciates the importance of Agriculture. That is why we consider Agriculture as a priority to take care of the fast growing population of our planet. WAFEA will engage in the following agricultural activities:

  1. Traditional farming- we will cultivate domestic foods like rice and cassava. We will also do vegetable gardens for local products like orange, mango, pineapple, and etc.
  2. Plantations- coffee and Cocoa farms.
  3. Dairy farms- we will raise domestic animals like cows, Goats and sheep.
  4. Poultry farms- we will raise chickens and ducks etc.

WAFEA truly believes assisting people with food supplies will only help them momentarily but educating them how to grow their own foods will make them to become self-reliant.