Orphan Children – Caring for the Underprivileged

Due to the compassionate nature of World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture, It has comprehensively dedicated some of its services such as provision of basic necessities of life which may include educative lecture series to orphanage children in collaboration with their orphanage homes that are operating in accordance with international and U.S laws of adoption. WAFEA creates an atmosphere of responsiveness to the needs, aspirations and goals of these orphans thereby making them important   members of our global society.

WAFEA believes that these children must be given the same chances as their non-orphanage counterparts in every community they found themselves. We create the avenue that gives hope to the despaired and redirect them to the “path of self-reliance.” Reuniting lost children with their parents or guardians is one of WAFEA’s cardinal concerns as it brings relief to the family.