Education – Foundation for Better Tomorrow


gallery101Many developing countries are unable to provide basic elementary education for their youth. The illiteracy rate amongst those people is very high and continues to grow. Some of these countries educational infrastructures have been damaged because of wars and civil unrests. Thousands of young children do not have the opportunity to attend schools. Many females are forced to marriage at a very young age as the result of no alternatives. The World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture recognizes this alarming issue and is working to provide education to these people that are in desperate need. Our goals are to provide education in the following forms:

  1. Formal education- preschools, elementary, junior, high school to college/ university education.
  2. Informal /vocational education- career training for adults in the fields of carpentry, masonry, engineering, and many more.

WAFEA believes educating our next generation and providing our youth with better career opportunities will make our planet a better place.