About Us


World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture was formed by a group of people that are originally from developing countries. Many of these people lives were affected by wars and poverty. Some of our members have been on the receiving end of aids. They have lived in refugee camps, received food supplies and some lived in orphanage homes. These people truly understand from personal experiences what it takes to become self-reliant. Many of our members have been fortunate to travel to different parts of the world and want to use their experiences to help improve lives of other people and educate them to become self-reliant.


Board of Directors


Ansumana Dukuly, President

Ansumana Dukuly, born in Liberia is a state trooper for the Arizona Department of Public safety. He co-founded the World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture, of which he is still an active member. His personal background as a former refugee that lived in refugee camps for many years brings a unique perspective to the organization. Dukuly graduated from the Correctional Officer Training Academy [COTA], in Tucson Arizona and worked for the Arizona Department of Correction for several years. Not only does Dukuly brings the compassionate and caring for the destitute or impoverished, he also holds himself to a higher standard and holds other accountable for their actions.










Deborah Stinson, Head Consultant.

Deborah Stinson is an organizational consultant supporting private nonprofit and government funded organizations.   Fifteen years consulting with organizations, 21 years as CEO of a private nonprofit organization serving young at-risk children and their families and a ten year career in the field of juvenile probation/juvenile justice confirmed her belief the importance of working in partnership with people receiving services to help them be successful in achieving their self-sufficiency – they know what they need to be successful.  She has developed programs, advocated for change at the national and local levels in approaches to providing services and has been fortunate to work in rural, urban, Migrant and Native American communities and inner cities with very diverse folks – Poverty is heartbreaking no matter where it occurs.  She holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and a M.A. degree in Communications/Human Relations but most of her “learning”came from being involved and learning from others.  Community Development is crucial to the success of change.








Allison Frances Johnson, Consultant.

CLLr. Frances Johnson – Allison is a renounced legal practitioner and a devoted public servant. She has a tremendous legal experience both in public and the private sectors of the Liberian legal system for over 30 years. She has devoted most of her efforts toward upholding the tenants of the Liberian legal system and a strong advocate of gender equality as well as women empowerment.

She has served in various capacities both in public and private sectors including: Transitional Chief Justice, Minister of Justice , Minister of Commerce, Chairman of the Elections  Commission and Executive  Director of the Catholic  Justice and Peace Commission of the Republic of Liberia. Most recently, she also served as Chairperson of the Anti – Corruption Commission.

CLLr. Allison holds a BA. degree in English and an LLB degree from the Louise Arthur – Grimes school of Law, University of Liberia.

She has traveled extensively across four continents of the world including: Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. She is a member of the Liberian Bar association, Female lawyers’ association and a fellow at the African school of Business.






Boima Sonii, Strategic planner.

Boima Sonii has over five years of experience in Project design and Strategic Planning.He has designed, developed and implemented numerous humanitarian and reconstruction projects in Liberia, with funding from: United Nations Development Program (UNDP), World Food Program (WFP), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) , United States Agency for International Development (USAID) etc.He served as Executive Director of the Technocrats United for Reconstruction and Development (TECURD Inc), an NGO based in Monrovia, Liberia.

He has devoted most of his efforts in community development and Youth empowerment.He is President of Colorado Falcons (FC), a community soccer Club in Denver, Colorado.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, with minors in   Mathematics and  exploring  to pursuing a  graduate research in International Development.







Mohamed Sayon, Treasurer

Born March 1st 1984 in Montserrado County, Monrovia Liberia. Sayon came to the US as a refugee and settled in Denver,Colorado. He co-founded the World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture, of which he is till an active member. He worked for several Companies such as an Air Service Coporation as a Cabin Planner from 2005-2008, A&A Language Interpreting and Translating from 2006-2010,and graduated from Heritage College with a Degree in XMT  He is currently working for a Pathologist Company called Unipath LLC as an MLA from 2011-present. As young boy Sayon played Soccer  and still sometimes do, because of his love for the game. His love for the game also led him to give back to the Community as a volunteer soccer Coach for youth soccer.










amara3Amara Kromah, General Secretary


Amara M.Kromah, born June 13, 1980, in Zorwordamai town, Lofa County, Liberia, West Africa. He is a co-founder and an active member of World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture. He obtained his diploma and West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate in 2002 from E. Johnathan Goodridge Memorial High School in Liberia. In 2012, he obtained his Bachelor degree in Biology from the University of Liberia. While in University, he served as senior and junior high school instructor from 2009-2014.

Due to his passion for his environment, Mr. Kromah played key roles in community service institution like the “Foundation for Better Liberia.” He was a founding member and became its first secretary general.






Stephane Camara, Country Coordinator [Guinea & Sierra Leone]


Stephane Camara, born on December 25 1980 in Sierra Leone, is a University graduate specializes   in Secretariat, Administration and Management/ Bilingual French & English. Stephane Camara, worked with so many local and international NGO’s /Company’s in Guinea Conakry West Africa. He worked with Nestlé Guinée, as Distribution Sales Representative for 4 years. He worked with Etoile des Enfants ET Adolescent (E.E.A) in Kissidougou as Administrator for  (1) years. He worked with Masterpeace as Club Leader in Kissidougou/Guinea for (3) years. He also serves as the Director of Cyber Café Scolaire de Kissidougou for (2) years. He worked with Uplift The Kids in Guinea as Country Representative for two (2) years

Stephane Camara has presently dedicated his time and knowledge with World Aid Fostering Education & Agriculture serving as the Country Coordinator for Guinea and Sierra Leone. His personal background as former humanitarian worker brings a great perspective to the organization. Due to his concern for the poor and homeless Stephane founder a local NGO called: ‘’Feed The Children Africa’’ just to help and feed one part of the poor and homeless in his town Kissidougou. Being that the areas of interventions of World Aid Fostering Education & Agriculture and Feed The Children Africa is almost the same Stephane, has dedicated his time to fully collaborate with WAFEA for his dream to come to acts.






N’Valy Mohamed Kane, Education Coordinator [Guinea].

N’Valy Mohamed Kane was born on March 15, 1987 in Macenta, Guinea. N’Valy is a vice principal and a teacher at the Elite Vision English Academy (EVEA) in Conakry Guinea.  N’Valy  Mohamed Kane started his education at the Bongomadou primary school in Macenta. He attended the Tepe and Sembakouya secondary schools where he completed his junior high studies. He also attended Boreah and Kountaya secondary schools where he completed his high school studies.  N’Valy also attended the African Methodist Episcopal Zion university college in Monrovia, Liberia where he studied sociology and criminal justice and earned the degree in bachelor of arts (B.A). He became member of the World Aid Fostering Education and Agriculture in 2015. N’valy is committed to educating our future generation.